So its been a bit

well it has been quite awhile ive posted and i wish my mind could type what “Im thinking …its been a trip to say the least. um i have a 19 year old girl that loves me to death and im plannig my trip to nyc to finally go there. its been drama with a gen x with a millium she has a vary short fuse but in hind sight gen x has better slang…those fuckers dont undersatand it. ill write more cause the months ive missed are some crazy stories

ok some shit happened

so im not a writer …we have figured this out …im a guy that is alone and doesny like being alone… he is a guy that stood with Zion in war… if you dont know what that is well I can tell you. my grandfather went from the rock of Gilibater and he fought germans …..he KILLED germans we kill germans . im not a jew but we are super into the zion thing if you are a nazi well i have a parking lot of witch we can talk …….i hate hate. i am the mother fucker that brings pain….I serverd on a WAR SHIP guess what they do ……any one ….we kill we kill who ever the presindent of america says to killl. Ive put kids in bags for my service …..I used to sleep on 15000 pounds of c4 …oh snap we can read this again 15000 not 1500 no 15000 pound of c4 ….C4 mother fuckers i built 500 pound bombs and thousand bound bombs like it fucking sunday morning ……..we FUCKING BLEW THE FUCK OUT OF BOSINIA……..for what clinton …………we had the fire power for a Marine unit to be at FULL battle for a month…………… you have any idea wat that is like….on my ship ….easy nwe could kill a million people…we had nukes to …not the best thing to put on a Harrier with the top speed of 536 mph guess how wins the nuke we had white crates those white carts were w80″s and they were no like the city you live in yeah ……..a w80 will wreack ………they are the mititary little secret they are bad ass and ive seen veido…..i am a combat solder and its all i will ever be …..i should have died when that first bullet hit me why im alive amazes me …i think there is maybe Gardner lake i can take my kids on in my canoe ….i can just be happpy and get all this pain and all the war out of my head…..why i setted in Gardner in the first place …for god dam one its free land …its simply Gods country there has never been a more free land . Im in tears cause what i write about gardner …….it free it was and will alway be my home. Kansas Is Gods country …so i guess this is itid say i was gonna talk to you later ………………..that aint gonna happen i love you all and ………ill see you on the other side………………………………… more war

oh sweet jesus

So times c….SHITH CAP IS STILL FUCKED ….WE figure this shit out one bye a really fucked up day. i started of as just strar trek running in back ground. so sortta non gif day just noisie then blam it was 739. i went into a panik cases i thought i missed work. i had all theses ideas how my blog was gonna go today…..oh i have to change this shit it remindes me of the ex…….be back. oh sweet jesus they aree over writng my i went from how can on go from cannible courpse to seninni gomez ….member i dont have keys to edir…so propper engisish is out. so to be properer engiish its broken . the one thing that us …older people must see there is a direfence from metal and death metal …three was thrass and the was mellow metal. the was a group headed by Max Carabbinon the started the death metal. pantoria is shit phill what he fuck his name is is a punk ass biths and pihil; ansoumble ,,,,shit just shit head bastards. and shit head bastarders mad me side click to adds and just so I can get my story flowing . well i therew in a hail marry pass and finally im ik…..oh its ok now its mack 10 ….im east coast lszy well im not i love my cuban people …we have no boarder….and it pisses me off the restriction they give to to the cuban . my friend has a mother that is dying from cancer and we cant go…..THATS nont we fought for ..ive had to put on chemical attack suits from irqa so how about us go help. we have all the ships in dry dock…..put Americams to work get these god dan ships out of dock ….you guy talk about being the world police and the word hero …..get those ships out of dry dock ….lest get this thing deal with. this is gonna go postal…sorry for the miss prints,,,,,get the ships out of the

yards. i would be more than happy to lay my life down for the greater good….give me a ship …give me anything i willl help ya guys go lives. i make bacon and thats not sex thing. i dont really think there is conperies but i had to like to gorillars in the mist so the thinngs ive ever tring to passed…maybey a likk……..stupiod as shitthey might know something. It is sorta fun ……………………..oh son a bitch i would edith the fuck out of that …this is the gut that in charge of all that ummm Ive been gone for a few. really wht the f

editors note he has been alot of stress…he wants to talk about hisw …this in an offical record….proablly made by some one else

she was write about Katerina… I just like my siter she was taken to fast she was my best friend. but you were more than than that I reached out for you night and you werent there i body isntall ok with out you i think of you every day….evety morning i think of you and what ive done and i know you are gone but you …you know you…i want a reson to buy flower folr…………….so total train of thought im listening to the song that i wanted at or wedding ….if you dont know know this you dont know . it was the first song i heraerd when i flown a plan …the first i never flown before. it was my child hood memory and you were and are it …….and you are so beautifuif god dam me this post is so all over the place its not for readers it for me and maybe mabe…………the mayby


funny thing

so im ok and will not be using shift keys. one thing i asks new girls is they are captain becard or kirk. stupid shit in life but it does crack me up. oh i’ve had traills the past few weeks….like mother fucking epic. to put stuff simple i’m going with what i know….im not a traky by a long shot but i’m so a kirk. my ships captain was a kirk …remember what i said about he keys….well i can give periods to give the blanks. just wanted to share i’m happy tonight . i didnt move for three days. i get like that. im dealing with ….god i wish i had caps ….but with dealing with alot111111. will always be ok, we will always be ok. if you have followed the progress of my web sight you can tell……so albeit its dren its gonna be ok…….im a kirk and we make it out….oh snap dont be one of those people in a red shirt…whick is funny as fuck cause i was a red shirt on my ship…totally different, we sorta blew stuff up. so we had that going for us, which was nice…im mentally broken and i dont know how it will change if ever…i do know it will be ok thought…god speed to you

There is hope

So I did look at the stats and so what, I mean really who cares it’s really my own personal blog. Basically a digital journal. So today I had a wicked good complement from my co workers. no one could believe I was the age I was they all guessed like 10 to 15 years younger, there is hope there. Next week I will start second shift which will be so better. I’ve been a zombie for over a month now, I’m not myself at all! However I have been able to interact with people again and day by day I feel more inspired. My coworker today was asking me like a million questions about my life and that made me feel really great. Basically to sum it up I barely scratched the surface and the cat was impressed of all the stuff I’d done. I got alot of stories. It was like details of the war, explosives, chicks, marriage, kids, depression, good choices and bad. That’s sorta why I think I’m still here, and for some strange reason I talk like a melinium (i have no fucking idea how to spell that btw) but I’m early gen X. That was a great one but to here it from them we are a bore. WTF It don’t matter. I had the canoe trip back when the new ones of those people started doing stuff. ******sorta awesome story coming up (which is sorta the point of this blog) it’s quite good if I can give it any props****** So my buddy (this cat is a social butter fly, everyone knows him and loves him) sets up this canoe trip …..shit preface; I knew him from work, I was sorta the tip of the sword there as I am most places I work, not like a know it all, more like “that fucker will figure it out sorta dude” ….I’ve applied myself people sorry. you have no idea how many people that have told me if shit goes down I’m gonna find you, I’m just that guy….sorry. Well Aaron has the people skills that made me look like I was just fucking around, he was just cool. He didn’t even try. Like if it was a horror movie he would be the cool guy that lives in the end and you change the channel to McGivre show from the 80’s and see me. we we not even playing in the same field. It was a good friendship. Well we had 20 some people going on this canoe trip in south Missouri so I figured it was gonna be a sausage fest, oh fuck no! Aaron had 12 chicks going and 8 guys, the guy had game. (Oh I did fail to set up the seen here, I was mid thirties and everyone else was like 25 at best. pretty sure I was 37) Anyhow we all gathered up at some chicks house to split up the cars of who was gonna ride with who. The lead got us lost and we all had to stop at an unplanned place. It was a state park with just tent camping. All the guys tired themselves out putting up the tents due to the fact it was a horrible drive, we were lost, back tracking and they were all getting pissed. Shit that sorta stuff doesn’t even effect me, stuff is gonna get fucked up ya gotta pretty much on it……well younger people. So dudes are all fired up putting up camp, well I had a simple tent with three carbon rod poles so I was done in like 3 minutes. They had poles and stacks and complex shit, I had what would be a Marines dream tent in combat, pop and go. This worked to my advantage very well, the girls seen how calm I was the whole time while everybody else was losing their shit, what gal doesn’t like a guy that has his shit together…..Combat helped I guess? The guys were all wore out due to the fact they were all trying to out cave man each other while I was having vodka drinks with the ladies. They all go to sleep and I got 8 women left that wanna drink and hang out by the fire and I was the last man standing. Fuck yeah!!!! The other 4 had boyfriends they were there with BTW, so that’s totally no touch territory. I heard stuff I’ll never forget that night I was with all the pretty awesome chicks just saying anything that came into their heads, they acted like I wasn’t even there the way the talked, it was awesome. After time one of the single ones got really close with me and well my tent wasn’t too alone that night. The following day was like a dream when we finally got to the camp sight. We all played frisby in the river, people were walking all over the place, there was drama with the couples, dude got dumped by his woman in Iceland, there was an asian couple with us and they got all weird. His girl went in the woods with some dude from our group. I had camp shower sex, it was a good day. That night a band played there and the girl I was sorta fooling around with just decided to go topless, some dude just grab her and started sucking her nipple. I hit the guy in the face and asian dude jumped on him along with some more of our friends (she wasn’t the girl from the tent either) We all got out of there thinking our camp was gonna get attacked later. I did ask her what the hell were you thinking? She said well I thought it was you until I looked down and it was some strange guy I’d never seen. Awesome she was topless for me. See I need to remember this shit when I’m feeling low. The next day the canoeing started bright and early and mother fucker it took 4 beers and a shot to get going after that night. Topless girl wanted to ride in my boat, I was at the rear and some dude I didn’t know was in the front. He was part of our group but I got bitchy guy. I’d say about a half mile into our tip topless girl turns into naked girl, yup totally naked and she looked freaking good and she was putting on quit a show while we paddled down the river. I can still see it to this day. See I had dated a stripper and holy hell she looked like her but better and was acting about the same. The stripper story will come some other day. The front dude wasn’t happy a freaking all, for one he couldn’t see anything going on while this girl is three fingers deep facing me having orgasmus… was a fucking ride alright I still get chills.

I’ll edit tomorrow cause it really really freaking needs it. It was in my head and I sorta forgot about it, it’s my blog, well more like notes I’ll try to get into a book but if i don’t get to it folks will know I lived and I lived hard and I lived good….as good as I knew. I only got a few more years till I’m creepy, back then I was having fun, and fun it was. Ummmm they started it!

So romance was in the air

Well I haven’t been writing very much mostly cause I think I should have these awesome stories to tell with call backs and all the other write things, really I’m no write I’m just a dude with alot of stories and I like to share them. So fuck proper posture and even trying (which should be obious from my last few post). Na I’ll go raw emotion and figure it out later. I do this for me not the reader, I do need to need to make it sorta understandable. I’ll try! This moment I caught was a dude asking a gal to marry him tonight. I just happened to be taking pictures and caught what was going on. Sure enought the guy got out of the mini van and asked the girl to marry him. She was all teary eyed and the stuff along with that. It was sorta sweet sharing that moment but I was stoked the offered me some cheep wine. Yeah I typed that and made myself laugh, it is just one of those things….I always find myself in the most fucked up places even if I don’t try. I guess cause I’m a social butterfly, that stupid shit has almost got me killed but dam it makes for good stories. After all is life life if it is never lived. If you want a big house and a big TV and money in the bank well there are ways to that, or do you want one hella story. I chose story, it makes me laugh. When I have emptiness I have all these crazy ass things I’ve done that I can just laugh about. Like the one time I was in Barsolona Spain and was drinking beers at midnight looking at the train schedule and seeing a train going into Moscow. I sat there and laughed “wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot just to say fuck it and go to Moscow” I actually thought about it too, had I had more Bengies I may have done it.

Great news!!! I possibly have a date with this DIME in KC in two weeks when the whole “we can’t go anywhere” thing goes away. She has weird hair (weird to most people, to me it’s hair of an angel) and really white skin……Son of a bitch and to top it off she has a very thick almost can’t understand Hungarian accient. Could any one be more perfect. See I studied Russian and do quite well with other dialects, it makes me think more. Plus the woman is smart too. I really don’t see me with a US born woman at all…..AH snap the funny one would be if I got an Australian chick, see if i have drinks I sometimes go all aussie, now think about that those women are nothing to suffer and are down to kick ass, then my dumb ass with my fake ass accient. Mother fucker that would be epic!!!….sonunds fucking fun….really. Well so back to new girl. I sorta know the whole slavic region but they really don’t fall under that so really she isn’t a Bosian nor a Pole (oh by the way I have the most respect for Polish people, they are wicked awesome, they have fought the fuck out of commies and I don’t care for commies) I know they were ran by commies for a bit. Really ya know what she is like 9 years younger so I’m sure she don’t really fucking care. I wish for once I could get rid of this military brain. I’m just gonna go into this (hopefully we can meet at river market cause that’s MY, yes MY territory, its my Alamo, I can do anything there I feel, it’s my home) I’ve already told her I wanna move to NYC and yeah the east coast is a safe place for me but Alamo would be the river market. I know KC and Johnson county Kansas like I know every square inch of my hand. I can’t count the times I’ve got tears in my eyes seeing the sign saying welcome to Kansas…..fucking Kansas….really!!! This is true and very true it is. Just like Vermont will forever be linked to my daughter Raven. I guess the NYC thing is mine I have no emotional links to that, other than seeing the trade centers fall…but it’s mine I don’t share it with anyone, and it’s hella fun city. I did totally start to make reservations for October trip there to see if I like it the way i did. Im gonna set up some interviews too. So this is life of a life of a writer non writer, fuck the script. I did think what if new girl sweeps me away is that drive to move gonna be there…………..and honestly I do anything to have real love. But will I give up my dream, I mean fuck I;m already booking my trip and looking down the scope with a fine tooth comb. What really am I looking for an adventure or a forever woman. I think about it and I think “the world where I get fucked with the least and am sorta happy, that is where I wanna go” I sorta thought I’d move and well………there I would find it. How ever I’m never too stupid to see it in the Dorthy of wizard of oz light “you had the power the whole time” (ya know with the slippers) it could be right infront of me and I hope I’m not to blind to see it.

No hay cosas como condensada

So such is life

I was gonna delete my post from yesterday cause it was all random and just all over the place but so am I. I read something once and it said some people just do stuff and other people have an internal voice directing what should be done. Interesting right! I have a committee that tells me what to do, there are times some one takes the day off. This isn’t a split personality there are basically three but some sub charters. There is logic, he gets the problem solved, there is resolve and he gets it done, then there is goofy, zany ass and he keeps the whole package going, he gives us fun. I love him!!! The bastard is when zany and logic share the same space and then I’m a dick. Now when resolve and zany cross then you get Australian me and he is a working machine hoot. The only two that can’t cross is logic and zany. Logic knows zany fucked up his life and is not too happy about it, but (this is where it gets weird like daddy hitting mommy at the dinner table sorta bad) zany knows logic made bad choices and its really his fault but he has told him this NOW finally, and so stuff has been changing. Basically the guy now is the worker bee (I love bee’s btw). There isn’t like voices in my head or anything I’m not crazy I’m simply stating how my brain works, I thought this would be sorta fun to put this on print, maybe someone else has this. Oh and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD in no way would I ever even think of taking meds to stop this machine…..fucking fuck no, its been a good team since I was 7 after the ….well bad stuff….. Don’t fuck with something that works that would be wicked wrong. So the only issue is the serious guy wants to stop memories so he has a bit of booze and it works gang busters until zany guy want to come out. Well serious guy gets tired and goes to sleep then zany guy get ahold of all serious guys work and decides to have some fun. Sounds okay right, good prank! It’s fucking me!!!!! Like WTF!!! In the mean time worker guy is just sitting back and saying “dude couldn’t we just hit the gym or something”, yeah the poor bastard has really no part of the other two other than the supply of money. He does need serious dude to do cost and budget and he needs zany to keep him happy, and in the end it all works out. Except when serious dude (logic) dude drinks then awe fuck hide the kids, it’s not good. Every problem in my life is based on serious dude getting pissed and me and zany have to suffer….and suffer we have. He should never be able to drink booze at all. Freaking like memorial day many many moons ago he got us in a shit ton of trouble. I understand you seen some shit but us two guys are counting on you to hold it together fuck stick, you will be the reason we die cause of your stupid running from the past and trying to get away as fast as possible. We wanna leave too okay mate so just keep with us.

See what I did there I started talking to my self even when I was typing- I told you there was always a internal conversation going on………-…….. oh fucking snap, the reason why I wanted to do this post in the first place was to say the track close to me is a fucking bitching ass track and I’m gonna run the fuck out of it, I’m gonna challenge myself like I never have before I got a warm fuzzy felling about it. Fucking wow I even started of track. Ummmmm I have had a new thing in my head it’s a hampshire accent. Oh fuck yeah there is a ummmmmgod voice that leads the pack, and that’s what took over. Ya know this sounds crazy as can fucking be, I know I’m not alone, well techinically I am I’d really like a woman in my life. Hell after I wrote my book I talked to Missy the main girl every day when I was walking around and tell her how my day was, just as though if I was out traveling. I even wept when I wrote the end of that book (I died not her) I put everything into that trying to think of the conflicts as such a relationship could have. I really wanna get my new lap top and put it into print. That Missy was the main in the story. Maybe soon I’ll have the computer with in april so I’ll put all 326 pages to binary…shit that gonna be a task. I want zany to do it, he basically wrote the book, even in dire straights he kept us alive, dude that guy is a fucking bad ass, he kept us alive when serious dude wanted to kill us. So that crazy ass dude that gets us in raves and girls dancing in cages is in charge of the book. Of course I’ll have to edit then serious dude has to market, but we are all a team, rag tag is it is we are a team and we will do this. And of course I’ll be the one running. the other guys will stop by too….I’ve got ten years…………………………………………………………..go

Ya know

I’m a simple guy, well I used to be anyhow then the world took me in. Now I have my don’t give a flying fuck standing up like a cobra. Any one think this gen x can’t hang is sadly mistaken. Um I’ve died like 5 times so in cat time I got 4 more (legally twice) maybe I’m the zombie {made myself laugh} The idea that I can write and it can cover the world in seconds still blows my mind. Now I do know computers but its on the hardware end. When I was doing binary training the processors that we uses today was just in theory, i take nothing for granted, really every thing we type and all the shows we watch are just simply switches being turned off and on in a VERT FUCKING FAST BASTARD ASS WAY 0010011001001001001000100101010010010001000010 that’s all it is on or off. Do I do a blog cause i thing someone really case in this new world…Na its mainly from the writers I’ve read there stuff, they were simply trying to make sense of stuff, some were just sharing ideas of stories but I’m talking more about the Hunter s Thompson type, ya know the people that just write just to write. There is very little difference inbetween us and musicians, we try to portray our ideas in simple print they have instruments. I’m trying to get rid of the guns in my head…..thats what I’m doing. So my slang and poor structure is possibly just part of what I do, what about Bob Dylan.

We are all sorta kinda lonely at times and if you aint one of those well good on ya. I half ass look like a male model and walked through a park tonight totally alone and seen some dog ass dudes with some bomb ass chicks. I’d get really great girl friends when I was in the military and there were people that would lie their way into getting then. Of course when they can back I’d never take them back, but really WHY, why would you do that to someone. I stick it up to I’ve got a greater thing to do, cause after all I did dump two awesome girls pre military. They wanted to have a family and stuff like that so maybe my life has been them just getting even…..maybe the kids I didn’t have, who knows. Oh no I wanted to go to war. Ya know the intro to the “hurt locker” the screen has all the various things on it like what every one is doing and before they get into the film it says “War is a drug” I’m here to tell you it is and it’s the most powerful comsumming drug ever. There is no rehab there is nothing. For example I’ve been using thunderstorms to help me sleep at night, ya know like on youtube. Well my speaker fell in suck away it sounded like the F 15’S,F 14’s and AV8’s were running bombing strikes. Have you lived through that……have you armed those aircraft, do you have any idea what happens from what happens when I do my job, it’s not fucking pretty. Ever slept on 15000 pounds of C4, slept on white crates and we all god dam know what was in those, ever fully loaded an aircraft to were it could barely take off and it comes back empty. Ever been woke up in the middle of the night by Seals or EOD and told “we need stuff” Ever lifted a 1000 pound bomb onto a fighter jet with the engines running. Or better yet do flight opps in chemical attack suits, that’s a fucking treat from hell. I do remember that we would get letters. The ones that stick out the most was a kindergarden class sent some stuff. Most the guys would just pilliage through all the lettets for a hook up but I would read all the letters. Quite the alominily I know. I tell ya what those little kids saying stuff like “thanks for protecting us” that stuff hit me to the core. Of course I got made fun of for caring, but really who is gonna fuck with me…..I got det cord. This was early 90’s people, now think when we were offically in Bosinia…….yeah we weren’t there. Look up when the French fighter planes got shot down, that’s when we rolled (and special thanks to Todd Beamer from flight 93…you are not forgotten buddy, thanks(oh he said that btw when they over took the plane)) We were just pissed we couldn’t play with french girls any more, holy fuck they were fun.

Anyhow I haven’t wrote in awhile and yeah I got really rebroken……really rebroken. I don’t have anyone to talk to hardly but thank god for the show I zombie, Olive Moore pulled me out of it. I even stopped going to the gym. I’m sorta thankful in a way cause it just make my resolve to get the fuck out of here even stronger, its a white hot passion now! Maybe a fun friday but other than that fuck it……fucking Queens,Yonkeers, NYC fuck these fucking hicks. I had a moment in the other night. I said to myself “why hold onto a place if you stay you are going to die, to a life that has been kicking you out your whole life, you don’t belong here, you have no buiness here. If it don’t work go back to Vermont….ya fit in there, they fucking loved you there, go make cheese, go cut rocks, fuck these bitch ass midwest raciest bastards, go god dam do something before like what those Hamas bastards had planned for you….you’re gonna die here, don’t just give it to them.” And I was was right, I do not belong here, not at all, it’s a world here that I don’t belong. Son of a bitch almost every conversation I have someone thinks I’m cocky, probably cause I’m not talking about cooking meth or raping some chick. Fuck these mother fuckers, shit at least get to Lawerence Kansas there are normal people there, here, here, here, I die a bit every day. The saying goes “get the fuck out of dodge” meaning Dodge Kansas…pppppppphh I’d fucking love Dodge, Kansas to me is free mans land. Kansas is Gods country!!!! where my grandfather was from and he defeated the Germans in WW2 (not by himself but he was totally rocking a half track with a 105 in tow so he is a pretty big deal)

Oh for the thrill seekers I reached out to the soon to be ex wife which means my layers of protection I self breached and she is probably gonna read ALL this shit so that’s like totally non hanus….so it might be fun tomorrow. She will start from last to first so if you are reading this…………..her………I do miss you, I miss you every day and please ……I hope you are doing well………I have to move, you can have this shit hole city, I claim the east, you were gonna go west to Cali, I get NYC. remember you and your daughter were just gonna move to Colorado with out me….move then….you won’t you will just be here to watch this shit hole rot around you, thats all I ever did was try and get you out of here.

sorry about that folks, so to my Spanish speaking brothers and sisters I say “DIOS bendiga kansas” for it is the mother land

So shit got real….like real real!

This is gonna be sorta a bitch to write cause my shift key on left side got lemon juice spilled on it and that’s the key I use to cap stuff and other charters. So the title well me, said cute guy writer was almost killed by a meth head…….I HATE METH HEADS WITH A WHITE HOT PASSION BEFORE THIS! This just solidified every thing I’ve ever thought about them, they are to be treated like zombies. Not like Dawn of the dead zombies, more like the bad zombies in the show I zombie (which I totally binged watched, it was fucking awesome BTW). But all friendly and seen human until they get pissed then wow! Yeah that how that last job went. Now for the story; I finish removing the dirt (moving dirt probably pisses off a zombie….that’s there job) and I’m invited into the layer to have a couple beers. Well said meth head (zombie, same fucking thing) strikes me down and has this 12 inch knife to my face. I only had two saving graces, the dude that was there and my terriorist negigoting skills brought to you by the IDF………Fucking thank you Israel!!!!! That’s the only thing I had was IDF going through my head but I had to remember I couldn’t kill him so I used my words, and plan B was of course kill him. I did get out and the property owner was notified of the problem and I haven’t been back since. The issue the owner of the property is a church going lady that’s being duped by a meth head. She has no idea what she is dealing with, I’ve put it into the proper channels in the church. Like I told my mother he will go to jail soon so we really can’t do any thing….I COULD BUT I”M ON US SOIL. YAY military we are sworn to protect people but if we do it the way it should be done we would spend the rest of our lives in prison.

Well I did have trama and have been ghost, my cell got broke and had alot of injuries but I will not respond in kind. Like when the guy was fighting me I wasn’t scared I was just trying to think of how I could do this with out a serious out come. I decided to lay down some times its best to pick your war. Sorta like Darfor, me my self I would have said go but I got a GIANT heart for kids. I guess we all have to pick our battles, that…….on a paice of shit meth head was my battle, oh sir I think not. Many people reading this would think “you can’t just walk that off” ……yeah no shit I’ve not posted things in over two weeks almost, I’ve fucking hidden. Revenge would be so fucking sinple it’s not even funny. Na the meth head will be in prison bragging about what he did to me, albeit good first attack its far more rewarding to see him self destruct. That’s what meth heads do, they destroy themselves. If on of my readers have a boyfriend or girlfriend on meth, first off get away from them, put three layers to your ideninty then lay low. If you are so inclined to get them gone faster well I know ways to get them to the police faster and my email is on my web sight here, my sister is a detective and we would be more than happy to help them into that hell. Hell I don’t care about the people doing cocaine, heroin, pcp……..those people ain’t monsters……well yeah they are, these meth fucks must be stopped. If anyone thinks different I can arrange a one one …..I’ll show you what the IDF can do for you, it’d be fun trust me ….we got stuff for you.

So the desperate asshole that thinks that’s write is horribably wrong, I gots people. Now you think why I didn’t report the meth heads goings on. Well I was very much in shock and by the time I can to my own thoughts I was quite sure a everything was erased. That’s like when women get raped,,,,,,they are like “{what the fuck” I could take take that in enviomenmts I’ve been in before but I was really blind sighted. My first response (of course I will not say……..think Gaza) and that shit don’t fly here so the police will take care of it……………………………………………………I HATE METH HEADS WITH A WHITE HOT PASSION……..non that has been seen since since Alexender the great. I’m pretty sure my wife…soon to be my ex wife is with a meth head, how ever I digress. So to sleep I have sounds of my soon to be city of NYC playing while I sleep and IVE NEVER FELT BETTER. The dreams I wake up with are unreal, oh how I miss the city! Funny thing I did I started out with thunderstorms and each night tried different ones. Oh snap mother fucker this one like two nights ago seemed okay but I got up in cold sweets cause it sounded just like the mother fucking bombing campaid on Bosinia ….WTF Yeah vets we are a hoot huh

Well I found a rock that my wife (soon to be ex) (if I’ve made any attempt to cover that up i”m sorry I just wanna start over)) but I really want her to have it. She bought it for the rememberance (fuck spelling errors…aint got time) of her brother that committed suicide which we all know I was a fan of a while aback. It wasn’t a suicide Shalen was murdered but I live in a hick …..well to say hick gives it grace……WHITE FUCKING TRASH CITY. now I got it. Being I have a tiny audience let me tell you the story very in brief. He (as far as I remember my wife telling me) was haning out with a buddy and smoking weed, he said ……..said Shalen was being a bit weird but didn’t think anything about it. Ok back story the parents are getting along great and his sister just talked to him the day before and he seemed happy he had a brand new niece that he loved………then he stabbed him self in the chest 7 FUCKING TIMES ……FUCKING THINK ABOUT THAT 7 FUCKING TIMES……..MY FUCKING SISTER SAID DONT WORRY ABOUT IT…….FUCK YOU IM IDF

So I do not have a picture I straight got my ass beat today

Oh so this mother fucker is deader than fired chicken…no problems there. um I had a 14 inch knife to my face…I went into IDF mode…what would the jews do …(remember your training) so I defused it. But like the good people of Israel we can only take so much, this guy was all like its gonna be over today, well I’m a cancer I will be ther to haunt every aspect of life…..never go to war with the devil. I am a man of peace but don’t don;t fuck with the devil. We our the IDF knows what to do. this mother fucker dug his own grave …The Mexicans will deal with him. vian con dios

oh fuck my fsce hurts from being punched,,,vie mexico…you know what to do