Well I didn’t think of the flank…Mother fucker

Well my last post is probably as horrible as can be the regular guy is in charge. Oh sweet Jesus if you tried to read that mess well god love ya! Well the picture is of my canoe, that thing was bought in Burlington Vermont (Gods other country) It took adventures with my whole family and seen some serious shit in the rapids in Colorado…gut felling Ya all dont want a normal blog, Ya want crazy….So I supect ya all can deal with slang cause mother fucker I got slang….God dam Ted Lowie out of South Carolina …oh he gad slang. There was one time we were hanging around the ram launcher (um mother fucker a ram fire missles like a god dan son of a bitch and put as much trash in the sky as possible cause of russin migs….this was and well for ever will be my life. I know lifts and I love to heal then I love to solve problems. I write horribly and I know this . Im tired of the you cant do this and that…if you read this shit you get me. I do sorta know how to writw but the death metal band in my ears says “nay” What had happened is Iseen all these very smart people follwing me and I thought “shit i better class it up….um they followed for a reason the didnt want to to see the develoment they wanted to see the dirt…i gots dirt. Just the other day there was a car that had been smashed down but no one thought to take it to the junk yard …..oh fuck no the pilled tires on it right out of this stop yo get a soda. And trust me these regular people in America have no idea its only seconds till it’s all over…I need an editor …sorry he is listening to old Sepultra songs….he is sorts a dick. He is sorta mad cause I didn’t talk about the girl in the photo. He said to tell you all look up “Max Cabrone” and shut the fuck up and to use spell check and do his job….I think he has been drinking…He is the one that runs the show…

All seriosness I hope that was at least a way “Not to write” I miss her will every thing I am I am nothing with out her…time drives one to one click it might be her, like I told before this is why men and army and Naveies cross seas. I’m nothing without you but I will go on to be something …till our breaths crosss paths again by the sea….I keep on dreaming..till I can look in your eyes again. and dust the sea sands from your hair….,……….god dam me…..

I aint gonna edit that shit so figure it out…words of a broken man…Ill call George, so dont fuck with me ……El cartel mira . I’m tired so the boys it tennesee have fun with that…love to NSA

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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