This was the one

That for all you folks that have been following my post that is my wife. Albeit I haven’t seen her in over two years ….that’s her….quite pretty and I’m sure as post go on I will talk more about her. Two years ago I was way more of a mess than I am now…YEAH believe that shit huh. I was “Niclos Cage” in leaving Las Vegas. I didn’t fucking care. You heard about he canoe thing…I was broken. Well my dumb ass flanked her social media stuff and well she is totally single as far as anyone can get on a computer. She had went o n this trip to California with this dude (oh the dude in like one of the first post) but she has no pictures of him….SOOOOOOOOOO just in case I’m gonna post this…”There are darkness in life and there are lights, and you are the lights of all lights” so if she flanks me she will see this and …well fuck it (US Marinies) we conqured that., US navy “how can we help…sorry about shelling the hell out of you and the bombs”

God damit people I reread my shit and think “for gods sake you have no buniness being a writer let along a writer”….how many people have you not stabbed today (like for real…That shit is on my side at all times..I’m that wrong mother fucker…I’ll call George…that trumps it all, never fuck with the Mexicans!!!

So again I got off the topic well my daughter I talked to tonight (she is going for a masters in physicoligly… English dude that’s following my post….dude she has a fucked up father….war, it is a drug) Flank her ass you guys should have good talks. She is the ONE thing I did right.

And back to rando shit (Raven is a bad ass I love her) the ex…fuck berries….There is a saying some gave all and some gave some. I’ve talked about the waitress and she is a lemon pop sycle on a hot day. Not she has sicle and like the grim ripper but I honestly don’t know who to spell those words. but I really wanna see what happens with her i don’t wanna go back. If anything I would want my memories to go back th Lanny with the “track beers” we had every thing figured out. Track beers have always been the best in my life, we figure shit out. I look at my body now and I’m all totally in “fit” but lonely as hell, and un fit I had girls ungalore..

Happyness is with in ones self. yeah I had the beauty and every thing I could ever imagine but I didn’t have Vermont I didn’t have that one thing. and maybe it was the emptinness of the people I lost in 911, or just friends I turned my back so easy on like “well I got to move” maybe I made a hole in their lives…………….GOD DAM ME i’ve never thought about that…….maybe just maybe people missed me. I was told I was expedible just an asset…could it be i mattered.. I think of everyday of simple comments that people make to me…..GOD DAM ME I’ve never turned it off………I’M a asset and still following orders…its ruined mt life…well helped others though…through blood.

Well I’m not gonna edit this very much and really I don’t care. if you follow this stupid shit you can get through the nonsense….So you are still wounding about the girl…well she is no waitess (god i hope she reads that) I bought her a bubble gum ring cause she wanted to pick out he own thing. I had bought it in the pizza place the very day of closing on the house i bought for us.. so I was had this ring for months and had asked her to marry me ….well for ever. I pulled out he bubble gum ring at Chotto avelon (its french dont fuck with me ill stab you im trying to write…fuckers)_ but I took my Knee to that woman and asked her for real tobe my wife. Well of course yes and we took the shuttle to the “legendons” got sorta…well reall drunk and we spent the entire night listing to british rega……now who the fuck does that. We woke up on a monster (it was a theme place, I had been ther since it was a dirt hole) and byw im not ginna edit….So she was the one. >>>>>> god dam me I wanna feel the cold hard steel of a 1000# bomb ….I feel so alone…where is my war…why didn’t I die. we lost so many people bettet than me

Well I’m not gonna edit but surly the writer Drew had a Bit of problems! He is ok and we have talked and he is gonna make it.. The dumb ass flanked his ex and didn’t know how to deal with it. Well I’m his help and he wanted me to finish out the blog. He wanted to everyone to know, yes the waitress is a first choice but it was only to make the ex feel bad, he is hurt and during the sessions he talks about her all the time. That’s why I let him put up the picture. The poor guy guy just needs to let it go. All my studies I’ve never came across a person like him, he will dive himself into total physical failure…he has been asleep and rolls round about the IDF. I really don’t know why it matters…its been years ago. AND HE STILL REACHES FOR YOU!!!!!! (i love you) my client

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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