I’m gonna shoot me

I’ve not did justice to the style of writing. I’ve read what i posted and I was crying alot. I should probably erase it but it is a blog…it’s not a novel…It is a guy that is broken to the point he killed him self three times. Those are the ones everyone knows about. He talks about the beauty of Katrina you are to feel it the way he feels it. He is not stupid hell the guy can build explosives from hog piss and chicken shit. If you don’t wanna read it then don’t, he is just trying to get out stories…he just wants you guys to laugh… His ex is a big deal for him and it might take a month or two to cycle. as you could clearly tell in the older blogs it was getting close…….Its ok we talked. I really think he needs a date. The waitress wound be great…I could only wish for that for him. I wanted to tell you guys he is okay and has a friend that is incharge..the silent voice…he ain’t gonna shoot shit. We got this!

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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