Iran has this shit now

The sum of all fears!!! So today I learn Iran has enough “stuff” to make one of these. Well fuck me Susie how fucking long till Israel levels their asses. Um they got nukes too! Um if you couldn’t tell I did some “work” with the IDF now who in the fuck thinks this is gonna fly. The US lost two buildings and it basically stopped the world and now this. What really are the sposta do (Israel) I mean. Mother fucker from my training with those things I know what the fuck the will do! I texted my daughter tonight and told her to enjoy every day and I also said “remember how our would got turned upside down cause of two buildings……It might get worse”. Me myself I’d stand there naked and drunk shooting at it as it came close (but that doesn’t really work, of it to properly detonate it should be at #$@! feet. ((classified shit)) so it wouldn’t do any good to shoot at it. but I’d be drunk sooooo I guess shit maybe dumber stuff has happened)

Just don’t piss these people off, I’ve seen what they can do….fucking really. Don’t piss off Israel…So I’ve probably lost some followers cause I got political but its not like that. Lets not nuke each other. I really think that’s a good platform to go on. If a person doesn’t think it won’t start WW3 well India and Pakastian will fire…….blah blah blah. Um those fuckers we have are bigger than Saturn rockets. Yeah I blogged that it was cool to see them in person but it don’t mean I wanna see the mother fuckers fly!

Well this really helps my depression, of which I mean I falling into with rocket engines on my ass with. The nuke stuff is really nothing for real, my personality is fading. For example my mother was chatty tonight and not all bitchy, she was talking about real stuff….um I was thinking about the weight of dirt I had to shovel that day. My bubblylyness is really no where to be found. I can hear him in the distance “Dude I’m still here, we are gonna have a wicked time if you just hold on….and don’t…well just don’t quit dreaming “everything is gonna be ok” Loneliness rules the day, one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. If it wasn’t for talking about the text to my daughter I wouldn’t have even started this tonight….You are reading a post of a person that just wants to say fuck it. I’m not close mind you!!!! so don’t bring drama cause like “Mack 10” says if drama you want then drama I bring! I’ll figure this shit out, just like I’m doing now….I’m figuring it out. Mother fucker I was so tired this morning, I had bid this job and just needed to get started and I did. Well I thought I should snap out of it and go back to the way I was a month ago and mother fucker I had nothing. I guess the simple things sorta help, I got a sweet going on and though “man my skin smells good” and I got to thinking about Genie in Virginia, the rando chick that came up to me I’n the college bar by Old Dominion university that had sat next to me and started smelling me and was actually sorta awesome weird (I have a pattern) and we gonna hook up until her FUCKING HUSBAND came out the front door and said “Genie what the fuck are you doing” her friends got me out of there….One would think she would double check to see if her FUCKING HUSBAND was inside ……OH AND TELL ME SHE WAS FUCKING MARRIED…all helpful stuff.

So the old me and all my adventures always help me, they at the very least give me a sides ways smile and keep me going. The now me worries “when are these not gonna be enough”. Truth is I’d give anything just to have a woman to go ice skating with, a walk, to text. For real I have a Sylvester Stallone “rocky 4 ” look going….mother fucker. I don’t wanna switch to the other side cause that just not me, I do okay working by my self , its like having a single penguin in a zoo, they are social animals.. Mother fucking fucker I’m posting stuff I don’t even tell people in real life on the internet just to “fell” part of something.

Well ya got the Genie story tonight and i totally didn’t think that was gonna ever come up. And the girl was wicked pretty too….and fun. I’d REALLY go for Cynthia tonight…well for ever, yeah totally thought she got pregnant. That’s another story. The only red head in the book. That was a strange ass meeting too. You will hear it one day….

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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