Now if that’s not a catchy title and image then I’ll never get any attention! How many time have you ever had to ask that question in you life “where is the freaking aircraft carrier” cause ya know what when you need on you really need one. The picture of the carrier was ours (the left one). First off I can’t give 100 % accuracy of places and events cause I’m not sure of classification of events so it’s gonna be sorta vague. It starts off I’m attached to an amphibious ship which carries 700 or so ships crew and about 3000 marines. We are all part of the Mediterranean group which is a hella lot of ships, 6th fleet. Well this was in the 90’s ish and we (my ship) were stopped in the south of France just pretty much just hanging out, minding our own business. Some friends and I were having some lunch drinks and the shore patrol guys come walking by and inform us that to enjoy ourselves cause we leave first thing in the morning, a couple fighter jets just got shot down and in there words “we are going to war” Well any that doesn’t know anything about amphibious assault ships is we are the first ones in and usually the last ones out. These are still the days before missiles were so accurate so we would still “soften up the shore” which means we hammered the hell out of the shore for miles with the 5 inch guns (that’s 5 inch wide shells that were heavy as hell not 5 inches long btw, big mam a jamas). Lunch got over and we spent the rest of the night hanging out with French and English military people trying to have a bit more fun before we had to leave. They of course wanted to know why we were leaving so soon but really we had no idea our selves. The next three days were non freaking stop for my department. See I was an AO which is aviation ordnance to those not in the know, so we were putting together 500#, 1000# bombs, ummm missiles, weapon packs, just all sorts of stuff you need for such gatherings such as plane shoot downs. “The hold” I was in charge of had stuff the seals and the EOD guys used, I was sorta like their Walmart, except for having home stuff and sheets, and pillows and shit I had more like c 4 and det cord, T and T…ya know fun stuff. One thing that really sticks in my memory is I had a wicked bad fever like the first night underway so I went up to medical when we had a lull in the munition build up. Sure enough the fever was like 103 and I could hardly move. The doc said “you need to go to bed and get some sleep bad”, and by god I said “no way, my guys are down there working give me some pills, I’m going back to work”. Thinking back on it I fell really sorta proud, but enough kissing my own ass, back to the story! This is the very start of the Yugoslavia stuff if your wondering. Getting there we did what we do, of course I’ll not get too detailed but now comes the aircraft carrier part. As you know the Serbs were armed sorta kinda well by the Russians, but thank god Russia was broke back then cause god knows what would of happened if the “bear” would have had some money to make war, the Serbs by themselves were some hard core fighters. We get informed there are 2 contacts of Russian made mig 29s coming in really really fast and low!!! Ok people we (on my ship) had a bunch of helicopters (which won’t do any freaking good against fighter jets) and 6 harrier jets. Ok they are pretty bad ass but they got a top speed of 500 ish MPH and that’s putting it to the wood (flooring it..ie full throttle). A mig is like mach 2 so that’s basically like giving the migs target practice on the poor harriers. WHERE THE HELL IS THE CARRIER!!!! With the migs closing in fast there is a gigantic BOOM and 2 F14s come god dam just blasting by about 50 feet from the water which shakes our 850 foot ship and those pilots headed right for those migs. Our carrier was 150 miles away and they scrambled the f 14s at mach to engage the enemy fighter jets once we picked up the contact. It still bring tears to my eyes……just the shear power and might and just the…..moments of that. It was unreal, they were sooooo close. The whole thing carries on and there are our missing planes (which had us all worried as hell) but they pulled up eventually, they were just hiding. There tons of other stories but I really wanted to tell a some what serious one on my blog for a change, well for one so readers don’t get the impression that I’m a total idiot, and I have had some very serious moments in my life. The other sight I was totally awe struck by was the day the med cruise ended. The rock of Gibraltar was off in the distance as we were right where the med met the Atlantic ocean. On this occasion we stopped and all our out going forces met with all the incoming forces along with most the allied fleets. My friend Lanny and I went clear up to the O8 level to check it out. Oh holy shit ya’all there were probably 100 plus ships. I’m talking Spanish, British, French, and my god who ever else and all were facing each other there in the ocean. I thought when we loaded the marines at camp Lejeune it was freaking wicked awesome, oh holy hell this was un-freaking-real. The military power there in one spot was unthinkable, like the finger of god sorta thing, more like a fist really. I’m pretty sure the US had at least 75 or more ships, so maybe there was 200, it was just gray giants everywhere you looked. However stay tuned I’m sure some of the mis-adventure stories will come up in the future along with all sorts of fun.

Now onto another blog subject which can be labeled Drews-started-out-okay-day-but-got-shitty-but-he-managed-to-sorta-fix-it day. I thought the first story would be better first. Okay the gravy first, the good stuff. Went to breakfast at this little diner in this hell hole town and as normal starting my day with the hopes of a puppy setting out to discover new things till of course reality kicks me in the nuts. I’m a lookin over the menu and as I’m perusing the yummy treats the waitress comes up and asks me what I want to drink (BRAKE SQUEELING SOUND!!!!), oh holy hell this woman is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Like 5,7 dark hair, wicked smile, nice and thin and just carribbean sea blue eyes, like a perfect 10 to me right. I smile back and of course try not to drool and order what I want and of course the angel is a complete angel. So check this out I’m chatting it up with the people at my table and I’m told she (the goddess mind you) keeps looking over at me. I think “man Shirka is gonna be pissed” (you need to read pervious post to get that), but for real I collect all the intel I can about her from the people at the table about her and come to find out she has been there for quite some time, whew!!!! so I simply play a bit of eye contact and small talk a bit and I’m so going back friday to see her again. Now I do have to think…wait ain’t you gonna parlay your way of of this two bit town and get back to the east coast? Yes the answer is yes but I did have to think “this lady is working in a diner, I’m quite sure the idea of strolling on the beach listening to my dumb ass shit my be enough to lure said lady from said town! Ah a lass the saga continues. See this gives ya a reason to stay tuned, “does he get the girl, does he get out of that crummy town”, now we got a M F’ing story. See I sat here and told you it would get better, it’s like reality TV for readers. Speaking of story the other side of that is after I meet my new crush, like the most prettiest chick EVER! I went to the store and as I was standing by like the lotto counter in walks the ex wife!!! Oh yeah, I hadn’t seen her in over 1.5 yrs. I’m shocked and tuck my head out of sight as her and lover boy (well old man really the dude was all gray and….um old, yuck, I’m like waaaaaaay more hot right) well I’m not spotted so I make my get away to the car ninja like, well more like special opps really, that’s more my style. I’m settling down and thinking about what just happened and I totally realized I have like zero feeling for her, it didn’t even bother me seeing her with the replacement< I mean mother fucker it’s over!!!! See I just sent in the paper work to officially get divorced and I was, ah hum, busy for a bit, so its been done for a while, it was just waiting for me. Really though my little squirrel brain went right back to that unbelievably beautiful woman in the diner and my little pitter patter (heart) just rested assured along with my spirits knowing “everything is gonna be okay” and I felt happy. The rest of the day was a crap sandwich but I kept telling myself “i got my blog and that’s gonna make you feel better” and it really does. Who knows what the future will hold but I have an unwavering faith in it will all work out……and really everything WILL be okay. My F14s are in bound hot for me once more:-) Dios los ama a todos!

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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