Snowy day

Sorta a blah day. Spent a bunch of time removing snow but it was quite pretty. I took the sled down the hill and the dog festively tried to attack me as I descended the hill like a mad werewolf which totally reminded me of another silly memory from the “vault of weird shit I’ve done. Well years back before I knew how werewolfs and vampires worked I had the brilliant idea of getting bullets blessed. Knowing full well to out right ask a priest (or whom ever…a holy person…somebody that can legally bless something) to bless ammo would surely get the stink eye. So I just simply put a few rounds in my pocket thinking that they are on me they will passively get blessed, cause blessings have a fire hose effect, everyone and every thing gets it. I was much too poor to have proper silver bullets made but I did give much though to making wooden ones. At least I’d have the vampires covered. Needless to say I never had run ins with said creatures of the night as of yet and I’m pretty sure those bullets are long gone, but I’m bigger and faster and with any luck if I do have a run in with one I’ll be hanging out with someone so I can shove them down so they become the yummy treat and I can make my haste and get away unscathed. I must survive you see so I can warn others of pending doom, so really I’d be the hero! I do all this for the good of humanity people.

Published by drewstram

This is my first time writing a blog, really the first time writing anything public (sure it shows...don't be so judgeie, jezz). I'm 43 and should be divorced in about a month, haven't heard nor seen her in well over a year so I sorta forget I'm still married. I'm basically at a crossroads in my life. Not like Ralph Machio in the movie 'Crossroads", think a lot less deals with the devil, guitars, and gravel roads, actually nothing like that. This is gonna be either a epic story of a come back or one great big train wreck. Lots of stories to tell and I hope some are entertaining. Maybe it will be an example of what not to do with your spare time. Thanks for stopping by.

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